Virtual Private Networking...

Originally at SECUSRVR i offered VPN services on our Florida / California VPN endpoints. I always however offered more: a dedicated VPN node just for you. You can get our VPN product and enjoy our endpoint servers in Florida and California. It uses the OpenVPN software and to authenticate you customers like yourself and emailed a bunch of files to install in OpenVPN.

However we can also offer you a more assured option of VPN access: private endpoint VPN. This is where I at TDO get a VPS server (or you provide one) and have it configured just for you. This allows you to get a node to use as a VPN that is just for you and not shared with others. You literally get a dedicated IPv4 address, and it isn't on any lists as a VPN.

Our VPN service costs $10 a month for the standard service. For a custom endpoint configuration of it is $50 and it requires a Debian, CentOS, or Fedora VPS (virtual private server) to be used. We might be able to do it in other situations, but generally we can host a VPN on most VPS services. We expect a total of only $15 a month for private endpoint VPNs no matter how many you order.

What is a VPS? This is Virtual Private Server. It is a virtual machine running Linux which you rent for your own purposes. We can install on your VPS everything needed for your VPN.


Connect your system with a hardwired and physical security solution. MagicMiddlebox is our software offering for a dedicated router to your Tor or VPN connection, read more.