Tor Bridges

We offer a fully featured Tor bridge which is part of our VPN package, or one could say the VPN is a part of the Tor Bridge package. In any case both are $10 a month and you don't have to use the VPN and Tor together, however one can use the VPN to obscure from metadata collection Tor's many connections to the network.

Much like we offer a custom endpoint VPN to your own server which we can help you configure, we can turn most VPS servers into a Tor bridge. With this comes some additional benefits such as being able to use Tor's obfuscation features to hide Tor traffic as a completely different protocol.

Hidden Services

We can host your site as an 'Onion' on the Tor network. On this network there is a pseudo 'top level domain' literally called .onion requests for which through Tor are routed to hidden service nodes. We can provide your site on an onion domain which exists for the shared server and also can be made a part of a targeted strict server.

We do not want to host anything illegal, this feature for hosting is not so much about you being anonymous, but is about you keeping your customers anonymous. This additional facility will bring you people from around the world under censorship regimes. We do not host illegal content, and do check what our servers are actually doing.