Shared Web Stack

The Tate Dev Ops shared web stack is a system using the Enterprise Gentoo Hardened technology I have developed. This server is ready for all kinds of applications and is functional. We are happy to add to the server whatever dependencies your project needs provided they are modern. There are workarounds for issues of legacy support, and we can implement these as well.  

SELinux is used to isolate web directories from home directories, and likewise your web directories PHP scripts cannot alter your home directory. A benefit of this is that you can trust your SSH shell and home in spite of a compromised website. We can also offer you a two-user setup where your web application has its own user and your account used to administer that web application as another. This functionality leaves you with absolute control over your app.

Further, this system is backed up with our Better Butter Archive technology where we can restore small scale things like a database table or a singular file. Such efforts for retrieval must be performed by myself but I am generous and the system is simple and quick. Customers can do an archive recovery request which might have a price, and must actually be possible. For example you might want your database tables from 2 days ago, or your web directory as a tarball.

Basic Service

The basic service is a $10 AUD a month offering which provides you with an SSH user account and a website directory. If you want to use your own domain contact me for instructions. I am going to get a domain from which I can issue subdomains that is short and meaningless, but for now you must bring your own domain.

Bring Your Own Webserver

The BYO Webserver is a $10 AUD a month offering where you upload and prepare your own webserver. You then give me instructions on how to launch it, and I configure SELinux to let it bind a port. To do the port bind with SELinux I must first create the denial by watching it fail, and then auditing its denial to allow it to run. We also configure the nginx reverse proxy that takes people to your service.

Our server has a full build environment for C/C++ which allows one to technically be able to have almost anything. We provide Python, Java, Ruby, Perl, and such. We are happy to provide anything that is available for the Gentoo software ecosystem. Certain binary web-frameworks will not work because of the hardening of the system.

Ancient PHP

Ancient PHP is a $15 a month offering, and uses the webserver built into older versions of PHP and an nginx reverse proxy to let you keep that old site running. 

Deluxe Support

You can get deluxe support for your web application and its integration into the backend. Prices are determined depending on the application. I can help you update your app to newer backend dependencies and more. Users buying this level of support get free extra databases, archive recovery requests, and nginx configuration changes.