The Rules

I don't offer any formal contract and doing business with Tate Dev Ops comes down to honour and objectivity. I regard your privacy and security as my business and focus and will do nothing to betray that. As such unless I am ordered to against my will by tyrants I will never reveal anything about my users.

Systems can be established with you the user in the area of cryptographic 'canaries' to verify there is no tampering, and I cannot be forced to make a canary because of my legal freedom from self-incrimination. I can also configure deadman switch type protocols to help you know you are safe. Such systems are established as independent for each user of TDO services. Services of this nature must be paid for in the Monero cryptocurrency.

I will not perform monitoring on any service provided unless there is a imminent threat to human safety or rights such as physical exploitation, or exploitation that goes against the nature of a person or the nature of a child. This does not include any perceived bias of opinion and users have free speech and are welcome to any opinion. 

I offer services without much enforcement of upper-limitations and only ask that you respect that service provisioning may be reevaluated if  it running at a loss. I do not intend to pay more to host someone than they pay, but I promise arrangements to change costs and collect payment will be cordially.

I do not keep customer details on any of the systems providing service for a customer as a firewall against your identity being revealed. A Tate Dev Ops customer can very well consider themselves anonymous. I cannot however martyr or sacrifice myself to the silencing pacification of tyrants and you may be surrendered. Therefore I advise that you act in peace and leave them no interest in forcing my actions.

My interest in TDO services is the income made from the sale of services and from the challenges and opportunities involved in backend administration and development. My interest is in the technical challenges involved in providing these kind of services. I am happy to sign contracts if you provide one and it follows the principles of these rules, as a further insurance.

If you cannot afford lawyers, or merely can't stand them please consider the canary/deadman protocol options I can arrange.