Privacy Services

Basic Privacy

The basic privacy package is $10 AUD per month and gives you a VPN to Florida, a Tor Bridge for private access to the Tor network, and an SSH dynamic port forward. This gives you many options and is useful for privacy (VPN) and anonymity (Tor), as well as the SOCKS proxy which is accessible from the Internet and as a Tor hidden service. Users are not required to provide ID for this package.

Florida - Virtual Private Network

A secured and state of the art VPN product using TLS encryption certified by our own certificate authority. This setup uses OpenVPN and can be used on iOS with iTunes, Android, Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows. Bandwidth is plentiful and connection is provided to the United States of America. No metadata is retained however abusers may face monitoring, and users are given a static WAN address for their credentials, and users are behind a NAT (the VPN server has an internet address and requests are translated to your WAN one).

Tor Bridge

We operate a Tor Bridge which supports obfuscation and is designed to evade deep packet inspection and provide a discrete method of reaching the network. We have built Tor with the latest mitigations and hardening that comes with a Gentoo Hardened system. Each customer gets a few dark web entry point hidden service addresses to get started on their journey, and to the legitimate dark web.

SSH Dynamic Port Forwarding

SSH is for 'secure shell' which is a way of connecting to a remote system with a terminal and controlling it over the command line. The protocol also supports connecting to services and using the network resources of a remote system. Thus inside an SSH client is a 'dynamic port forward' which is just a SOCKS proxy that listens on your computer 'localhost' and you can configure applications to use it.

Custom Access Server

What isn't part of the basic package is having a server dedicated to providing your VPN, Tor Bridge, and SSH dynamic port forwarding. We can deploy on any server that can run Gentoo Hardened your own SELinux secured privacy gateway. Unlike the basic package this not shared with anyone nor known by anyone, it also assures no shortage of resources. Prices start at $150 AUD for the install but the cost is the same as the Basic Privacy package.