Privacy Solutions

I have personally oversaw many operations even predating my SECUSRVR services to provide privacy and anonymity to people around the world. We currently offer three services which might be of interest to those who like to keep secrets.

  • A simple VPN system with access to nodes in Florida and California in the USA.
  • Configuration of any VPS into your own private VPN node, BYO VPS.
  • All VPN customers also get access to our Tor bridge, and likewise Tor bridge customers get access to the VPN.
  • We can also turn a server into a secure Tor bridge for you.
  • With MagicMB we offer a solution to help your turn an old computer into a Tor transparent proxy, providing a physically anonymous connection to a dedicated client computer.
  • I can consult you on matters of OPSEC and often will discuss them for free, especially if you have an interesting problem.