Magic Middlebox

Whether its Tor or a VPN, MagicMB is for those who want a hard-wired approach to keeping communications anonymous and private. A 'magic middlebox' can turn an ordinary computer into a hardware router. You can use it to send traffic transparently and seamlessly through your VPN or even Tor, and in some cases a bit of both.

For many the Tor Browser Bundle is a caveat more than a security-tool. With nasty Javascript bugs, the host system being Windows, and not being able to run alongside regular Firefox some need more. Tails comes to mind as the next option, but isn't the best system when you want certain custom features such as using SOCKS proxies or VPN services behind Tor. Whonix is pretty decent, but depends on virtualisation and in today's fast paced world can still be vulnerable. We offer what we think the next step up is: magic middlebox.

When it comes to your Tor transparent proxy, MagicMB provides a solution for hardware-isolation of your access to Tor. All you need is an old computer with a couple of spare network ports. I can do the rest for you from here at TDO, and install a hardware middlebox as long as you give me two things: SSH access as root to a Gentoo AdminCD, and some money for my time. With both, I install Gentoo just for you on the middlebox.

We recommend you use a decent computer for the task. I admit a lot of overhead in the hardware department is from the hardened toolchain being present. Being a fully-fledged Gentoo system your MagicMB contains all the components used to rebuild the system and is essential for updates. You can be sure that Tor is always the best available version, and that maintenance is performed for you.

The solution is for someone who wants a dedicated computer getting its internet connectivity through the MagicMB where one is safe browsing the Dark Web, or when just routing through a VPN automatically that ones entire system is physically isolated. The result is that you get a computer environment dedicated to being private/anonymous. 

Contact us today and find out if we can install Gentoo for you, we would like to know: specs of the proposed system where MagicMB is installed, whether its for VPN or just Tor, or some custom mode such as Tor over a bridge or VPN.