Gentoo Shared Server

My primary offering is hosting on the TDO/SECUSRVR Gentoo shared server. It is a refined Gentoo Hardened server using SELinux to provide web hosting for PHP websites. The server is a "shared webserver" and is basically a LEMP stack. It has however some other features:

  • Gentoo Hardened at the core: the entire toolchain is built with high-security in mind.
  • SELinux optimised for a shared web server, with nuances covered through auditing logs.
  • Temporal backups taken almost every day, usually when the system is updated.
  • Weekly the MySQL tables are 'rolled' by our secure erase script, which copies MySQL but shreds the files from the older MySQL database. This ensures at some point everything deleted is actually destroyed, except of course the temporal backups.

This basic web server offering can host your site and content most of the time. It is limited however to PHP sites, and while it can use other backends, things such as SELinux auditing have only been performed with SELinux in mind.

We recommend if you're unsure of your direction but are certain you want to host PHP sites, this offering should be the first to consider. 

Some extras you can get with it:

  • Authenticated mail (mail protected by SPF, DKIM, and DMARC) for your site.
  • Malware analysis and removal (we scan your sites for PHP malware signs, and audit each line of suspicious code).
  • Optimization implementation (we implement things like OPCache and APC into your existing code).


Prices for hosting on the shared server only $10 per month.

It is SECUSRVR which will host your site for this service, however you can just contact me and I can create your account on our server.