Drupal Frontend Mastery

Drupal is a content management platform with many extensions and a very logical and semantic approach to organising a website. It powers many sites around the world and I can deliver such a site to you. Perfect for organisations, clubs, and businesses I can find a structure for Drupal and a way to best represent your products, your activities, and your goals. Drupal has a way of organising taxonomies (categories of things) and content types (things contributors make) as well as access controls (who can do what).

The idea of a good Drupal site is to drive your users into creating content, and the way Drupal is configured brings order to it. Members can create events that are there to find on a calendar, and click on them and you go to a page with information about them. Such a page could use a Drupal extension such as Simple Google Maps and put a map on the events page to help people find where it is. There are many possibilities, but my role is to provide a workflow that powers your website into organising itself.

A Drupal solution starts with content types which are then integrated with taxonomies, content types can be things like 'news story' and taxonomies are lists of terms. A taxonomy could be called tags and allow terms to be created when content is added, for example a news story. As such a news story on Linux can be tagged Linux, and that will lead to every other Linux news story. There can be many taxonomies, and a content type can utilise any. For example one might have guides on how to do some task with Linux and there could be a taxonomy of Linux distributions.

Drupal focuses on pages of content which can be configured to use many different fields. These could be a WYSIWYG input for writing and prose, or perhaps images to display as a gallery, a location to display on a Google map. Things like the content type and taxonomy terms used on a page can be used to filter and list various pages using what Drupal calls views. It is also highly extensible and one can get a system to create webforms and a view that only administrators can see to view the input. Drupal can use Google's recaptcha and filter out bots.

If you are interested in a Drupal site for your organisation I am happy to develop a scheme and structure based on your existing organisational paraphernalia or website. Things like your news letters, and event announcements and marketing material can be analysed to find the best way to organise your new Drupal website. The goal of such development is to make sites driven by content creation so creators provide everything needed to bring the site order as each page is made. The result is an intuitive and easy to navigate website connecting all the dots of your organisation.

I am also interested in doing sites for notoriety and if your organisation is a not-for-profit, actually helps people, and does good things I may create you a Drupal site for free. Such sites of course are powered by Enterprise Gentoo Hardened and backed-up and archived with Better Butter Archive. With this technology you can be assured the state-of-the-art in security and integrity of data that powers your website. Further, you are always free to take your MySQL tables and your Drupal files and go elsewhere, I am completely open to competition.