About TDO

Formally called SECUSRVR, I have changed the name to TateDevOps to provide a wider scope of what I have to offer. I am about more than just hosting and VPNs but we are about backend development using Gentoo Hardened and solutions to many problems. We accept many forms of payment which are to be arranged by email. This includes Paypal, Bitcoin, and Monero cryptocurrency. 

What is my mission at TateDevOps (TDO)? To provide customers with reliable consultancy and operations on all things FOSS, especially NEMP web stacks and more. Truly backend focused, I provide solutions for high-security webservers that are tailor made for the job. Rather than just configuring existing enterprise class Linux distributions to provide service, we can deploy custom made systems using Gentoo Hardened and its toolchain. The result is tailor-made webservers with hardening used throughout, and only with features that are actually used.

A lot of systems maintain compatibility and familiarity with developers because they include everything a developer wants and more. This can be a nice environment for development, having lots of things you can easily try that are already in the system. Yet on the production side, such servers such as CentOS or Debian can mean having needless features and unexpected issues with your systems attack surface. What is good for exploration and development is not what you want in production.

I am about doing web backends with Gentoo Hardened, and using the latest FOSS security-tech to support your needs. This means building systems with the latest and greatest GCC and its newest hardening features. I take a principled approach to design of a Linux webserver, and generally I use nginx at the centre of a system. Other than web servers I have interest in using Gentoo Hardened to provide other services such as XMPP and email.

I also am a pioneer in the use of btrfs or "better filesystem" or "butter filesystem" and its reference linking capability. Unlike snapshots which have to be loaded and made active, one can literally run their backups with chroot on a particular backup tree. This brings temporal aspects once complicated to your fingertips in a simple way. When making a backup of the server, essentially only changes from the previous version are stored, and reference links allow backups to be stored as deltas on previous backups, and this reduces redundancy on all aspects: on backup, on retrieval, and on rolling back to a previous version.

I'm also not exclusively just about PHP, I am familiar with the use of FastCGI with many different backends. Ruby on Rails? Django? Flask? I can optimise systems for all these backends and more. There are little things which can count a lot, such as not using TCP/IP sockets and using domain sockets instead on a system. I even developed a technology marketed as "MySQL secure erase" to one customer. Seeking to innovate where possible, I know many things about webservers and their implementation.

One can have a result of my services a Gentoo server for many purposes. You might just want to mine crypto-currency with your GPU for example, and we can provide a streamlined system which only has what this task needs and a toolchain for updates. You might want to host a simple PHP sites, and I can optimise a backend server so it only has what this needs. You might want a development box with everything and the kitchen sink, and we can build you this as well.

We have served many people out there with reliable dev-ops solutions, some of these customers include certain entities on the Deep Web. Privacy is very important to me, and so I cannot reveal who many of my customers are. Originally my business was SECUSRVR but we are about far more than hosting now. SECUSRVR products like MagicMB and our e-commerce are now TateDevOps products. Only I plan to explicitly offer more flexibility in services.

These challenges faced in technology are mostly about infosec and security. By putting your server on one of our Hardened Gentoo host systems you can benefit from my knowledge. With Gentoo's DIY approach one can get a system at any scale and while developing it, be fully aware of the attack surface and dependencies. With our temporal backups of systems, one can spot for example a rootkit installation through the differences between backup images.

All in all at TDO I am here to provide the perfect solution for your problem. There are many ways of doing things, and given elasticity in standards one can find multiple "right" solutions. At TDO we have strong standards which when applied can seem limiting. Yet these firm standards give a clear picture of the "right" answer, and the logical result is a strong system. There is no task in devops beyond TateDevOps, and we hope to help you solve your problem with the right solution.

Further we are about reasonableness in a price with our offerings. We advertise to explicit prices, only that they will be affordable to most. In many cases your projects value could be shared between us, and what you cannot buy from me with money could be obtained for a stake of your profits. You tell me the challenge, and what you think it requires - and I will give you a concrete quote on the service to be rendered. In many cases you will find with me there are less 'hidden costs' because of the assurances I take doing my work, such as those temporal backups I mentioned.