The Business

Tate Development Operations or TateDevOps is the name, I first and foremost provide a stable system for web application developers. We also provide services for privacy and fighting censorship. All services are provided by my enterprise class Gentoo Hardened build with SELinux, a system which I have developed over many years. I offer some of the latest and best security in the business and support with a fast-moving and cutting-edge platform. I can quickly deploy customised systems or you can share with my other users.

The result is a refined stack of KVM/QEMU guests including mitigations from the latest CPU bugs. On this stack I offer our Gentoo Hardened nginx powered web servers. There is our shared server stack, which is good for all things Python, PHP, and beyond. The shared stack thanks to SELinux can maintain port ownership so users can run their own webservers securely. I also offer a VPN as a part of the platform which uses a high-security certificate authority. I have a secure mail server that allows your application to send mail authenticated with SPF/DKIM.

Our system and all its components are backed up with our Better Butter Archive which is a delta-compressed temporal backup system. This system uses 'reference links' so that physical data isn't duplicated, and revisions are stored only as how to change what was common data. This system is very powerful and it is easy to use the power of the Linux shell to work with backups. This allows me to restore minuscule things from a larger system with ease, such as getting your database tables from two days ago.

I also offer support and guidance in all backend matters such as dependencies your application uses, and services that put it on the Internet like nginx. I consider this a great place to get your application to being web scale and secure. I am not just a backend problem solver but a solution explainer,  I can help you understand everything relevant to your project. I can also help you make use of the system and its advantages.

Beyond developing your own application I can deploy many open source web applications, such as Mediawiki, Drupal, Wordpress, OpenCart, and more. If it is open source and made for the Linux world I should be able to get it running for you. I can also deploy things like Tor bridges to discrete servers only disclosed to you for private access. I can even install my enterprise class Gentoo configuration on your own hardware.