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At TDO we offer consulting and development in exchange for Paypal and various crypto-currencies. It is the work of its owner and sole-employee John Tate. I am about more than problem solving but also solution explaining. There is literally nothing I do that I can't just explain to an educated user on how-to-do. However, an explanation requires additional effort and thus additional cost. I am always also happy to just jump on your box and get to work.

My main cup of tea is web hosting and the development of web backends. I have a full-featured shared server where pretty much all sites can run. We also offer 'targeted strict servers' wherein the entire stack is build only with the needs of your project in mind. We can make use of SELinux in its most strict configuration and bring your project a whole new standard in security.

I can also do various hacker-grindwork such as PHP malware analysis and removal. We do use some tools out there to help, but all malware audits involve inspection of actual code. The malware doesn't even have to be known yet to be discovered. In an audit I scan for suspicious code and see where it takes me. In disabling malware I offer many solutions.

As well as these webservers I offer my 'MagicMB' which is an implementation of Gentoo Hardened in the task of providing an anonymous or private dedicated connection. Any old computer with two network interfaces can generally be used with MagicMB to turn the box into a physical router which sends traffic out through Tor or your VPN.

Many want a nice autonomous frontend for their website, and I am mostly a backend developer. For that I offer Tailored Drupal sites, where the bulk of work is done by Drupal developers. I can create basic sites or even ones far advanced to suit your needs. Left to you is Drupal's user-friendly features to allow you to interactively control your content. Drupal and how themes are created is well-documented and available to most web-designers.

If you want some info read about me and what I offer. I can do more, far more, than is advertised on this site and these are just examples of what I offer. I recommend you start talking to me through this site today or drop an email.